A recently married woman has injected her husband, Malan Saidu Musa, with a rat poison allegedly on the advice of her bad friends.

She was promised to be linked up with a wealthy rich man if she left her current man for the deal.

The story has not been completely verified, however, it is very sad to see the situation of this newly wedded couple, we hope they are able to find a solution to their issues very soon.

When some journalists visited the injured husband, Malan Saidu Musa at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, he narrated his story as follows:

Malan Saidu Musa narrated that he lives in Kano with his wife while he works in Zamfara.

He narrated that the girl never liked him but her mother insisted on the marriage, therefore he agreed with the hope that after the wedding she may develop the love for him.

Source: Kemifilani