The Lawra Traditional Council has enstooled Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central in the Central Region, as development chief of the Lawra Traditional Area.

The legislator was consequently labelled Tengmaal Naa, Kennedy Dery Agyapong, as his chieftaincy title.

The ceremony was performed by Naa Puowelle Karbo III, paramount chief of Lawra Traditional Area, who said the honour was in recognition of the character, work, attitude and orientation of the MP towards improving the conditions of the vulnerable in society.

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He said the MP’s frankness was an inspiring trait that had played a part in his successful life, both as a private person and a politician, even if it had hurt a few.

He said the MP’s devotion to improving the needs of the vulnerable, including women, was not only admirable but an attribute that marked him out.

During the ceremony, the Lawra Naa dressed Kennedy Agyapong in three layers of smock garments, a matching cap, and a walking stick – which also symbolized his staff of office – before placing him on the stool three times.

Born in Wa

Mr Agyapong, who revealed that he was born in Wa in 1962 when his father was a teacher in what has become the capital of the later-to-be-carved Upper West Region, expressed gratitude to the chief and his people for “an honour I am struggling to contain”.

“I am short of words. The honour done me is overwhelming,” he said.

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“Some people are honoured when they die; I have lived to see this day,” he added.

“I know I have hurt a few people with my forthright talk. But I seek to speak the truth, even if it hurts.”

He promised to show up very often to support the development of the Lawra Municipality.

The occasion was mixed with the inauguration of the Tideltaa Women’s Group, a non-governmental organisation founded by the MP for Lawra, Anthony Karbo, to empower vulnerable women through a variety of channels to enhance their economic and social wellbeing.

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Mr Agyapong, who happened to be a major benefactor of the Group, said he had been encouraged by the Lawra MP to continue to support the vulnerable in society.

He donated ¢20,000 to support the activities of the NGO and a further ¢10,000 to the Lawra Traditional Council.