Singer, songwriter and performer, Stephanie Benson who has been trending on social media with a daring dress she wore to the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) event at the National Theatre says she sees nothing wrong with her dress.

According to the artist, she fancies beautiful dresses and on the eve of the program, she presented four different ones to her husband to help her choose which of them best suited her.

“I don’t know what people are saying but I love my dress. It’s not a naked dress; I had four different dresses that I was considering. My husband chose it for me. He usually does that. I took a picture and sent it to him and he chose it for me. He’s in London.

Most Ghanaians who have seen the pictures on social media platforms are actively talking against the outfit.

The critics are busily lamenting because they believe her private part was showing.

But Mrs Benson reacting to the issue on Hitz FM said it didn’t matter if she was wearing underwear or not.

“My husband loves that dress as well. Whether I was wearing underwear or not should not matter. I don’t understand where we are going with this. I love dressing out and I love every kind of outfit because I work out and have a great body…,” she added.

She maintained that she wears what she feels and the bright lights on the podium sheared and stocked her dress creating an illusion to the public to feel she wasn’t wearing a panty.

“You might think I am not wearing something but I am. It’s very shear and stocking beneath it. It’s an illusion to think I wasn’t wearing anything. I go with what I feel. If you were looking for something you gonna find it.

“When you find the camera, too bright, hah! Of course you’re gonna find something. It wasn’t a naked dress. It’s a very beautiful dress that I love…” she said.

Source: Ghana | | Dennis Kofi Adu