Police in Asesewa in the Upper Manya Krobo District of the Eastern Region have impounded an Opel Astra caravan loaded with seven bags of dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp.
The contraband goods, according to the police, were being transported from Boti to Huhunya when police impounded it.

Eastern Regional police PRO, ASP Ebenezer Tetteh, said police had a tip off about the carting of the banned substance from a village in Boti to Huhunya.
According to him some police officers from the Asesewa District were dispatched to arrest suspects involved.

He explained that on reaching a section of the Boti-Huhunya road they spotted an Opel Astra with registration number GW 5653-13 and decided to arrest the driver but according to him the driver sped off, abandoned his vehicle in the middle of the road and absconded.

ASP Tetteh said the police impounded the vehicle loaded with the banned substance and sent it to the Asesewa police station.
Investigations are underway to arrest the driver of the car.


  1. I wonder at times the way we think as so called civilized people. If the west had our tropical weather, this substance would never have been criminalized. It would have VERY expensive to obtain. They know that if legalized, it will work wonders for our economies. California is targeting 5 billion dollars in 2018 and beyond.
    I conducted a research on how come it was criminalized. We all know the freed slaves were virtually moving and shaking America with skills they developed as farmers, artisans, etc. The young blacks were also targeting positions such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, you name it. Their former white slavemasters were SCARED! Something had to be done about it. So with the help of some spy agencies, they planted marijuana in mostly black neighborhoods and made the pushers informants. So if a young man of 20 years is caught using it, the same pusher will tip off the cops (who were mostly white at the time) and send him away for ten years, thus destroying his future. This silly law was and still is a racist law. Why is it that any state that legalizes marijuana is mostly white populated?
    Have we sat down to ask ourselves why ten solid years for a common plant? I once had a nasty boil on my elbow. I was asked to grind marijuana with little water and apply it (getting it wasn’t easy). It worked wonders the very next day. I then told myself “no wonder there’s some silly law against it!” I researched further and found out it can prevent close to ten cancers!!