The brains behind what could possibly be “Ghana’s first light aircraft” are appealing for financial support from corporate bodies, individuals and government.

The three inventors, Isaac Otu, Jacob Larbi and former personnel of the Ghana Air force, WO Charles Adu-Gyebi (retired) formed GOHFI Air to produce light aircraft.

The name GOHFI was coined from God Has Favoured Isaac.

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In the last few weeks, the team has been conducting ground test at Afienya airfields in the Greater Accra region for its aircraft GOHFI 1601.

They believe ground test permit secured from the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and Ghana Air force to test GOHFI 1601 is a major step towards achieving their dream.

At the Afienya airfields, GOHFI 1601 did a number of passes to test its technical readiness for the next stage.

The nine-year journey from conception onto the runway has been met with challenges with the biggest one being financing.

However, passion and hope seem to be keeping their dream alive.

Technical Advisor of GOHFI Air, WO Charles Adu-Gyebi (retired) said the country has a lot to gain from their light aircraft.

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“We really need financial support because in future when this aircraft reaches its advanced stage, we could use it in all fields when there is a disaster, sending of relief items, supplying of agrochemicals to farmers in remote areas, for recreational and educational purposes etc”, he indicated.

Meanwhile, Isaac Otu who piloted the light aircraft during the test is asking for more support from GCAA and the Ghana Airforce.

“We are grateful for the tremendous support received from Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and Ghana Air force. Since there are several stages before getting the green light to fly, it is our hope that they continue to assist in every step of the way,” he said.

Meanwhile, the third member of the team, Jacob Larbi sees a bright future despite countless challenges in the last few years.

“Our dream can materialize and impact positively on the future generation. Just as cocoa has become an imported crop to Ghana due to Tetteh Quarshie’s vision, our light aircraft will be very important in the aviation industry should we get the necessary support”, he said.

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It is worthy to note that Jacob who has technical know-how is only a Junior High School (JHS), graduate.

“God has indeed favoured us considering our educational background. I could only manage to complete JHS. As for Isaac, he had to drop out along the line and did not even complete JHS”, Jacob revealed.


  1. Well done, hope is not going to be like the Morroccan who invented Helicopter and arrested & trone in to jail after testing it. He was arrested & send to jail

  2. This is quite remarkable they truly deserve the support they need to make their dream and also uplift the flag of the country Ghana high in the world records.

  3. This is ridiculous! Does it even fly??? LOL, what a joke. Building an aircraft involves more than mere mechanics. You need to understand the word “aircraft” (an object built to fly) – And this means SENSORS, radars, and lots more intra modern electronics and communication gadgets must have to be built into the plane and scientifically proven to work before it is allowed by the government to fly….. And at the moment, it don’t look like these two JSS leavers and former WO have the research And actual development capabilities to build a real plane that can safely fly. Hmmmmmm !!!

    • @ Yaw Sakyi at least this guys have tried something.. instead of bashing them with all these sensors and radars why dont u just encourage them. They actually said they needed financing to step up the aircraft so whats the big deal?? This black attitude of discouraging whoever wants to try something must cease. If you dont have anything better to say just keep mute. Go on guys u can make it. With Christ in the vessel u will smile at the storm

  4. They really need support if JSS, WO can do this , then all the university and MD leavers should by now put up space Jet and. go to mount Ghana Flag on the moon ….May God see them through as they fly it some day all the best

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