Ghana’s National Theatre today is buzzing with so much life and activity, thanks to Adom TV’s Nsoromma highlife music reality show.

The five finalists have so far treated fans to some outstanding highlife music worth every micro-second they are spending at the event.

Those competing for the crown today are fans favourites, Righteous, Ashley, Nhyira, Blessing and Zenobia.

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The roofs of the Theatre were almost blown off at the sight off the contestants.

Nsoromma may be less than a year old but patronage signifies its overwhelming acceptance among highlife music lovers.

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The live show can also be enjoyed from millions of homes across the world, either directly from Adom TV’s channel or on Multi TV and DSTV.

In case you were at the event but couldn’t make it to the auditorium due to the show’s oversubscription, you are sorted as there are giant LED screens mounted outside for your viewing pleasure.

Below are some photos of the the show: