Over 400 witnesses passed out Friday at a Jehovah’s Witness convention in Angola after they were attacked with toxic gas.

About 7,000 worshippers were at the venue on the outskirts of Luanda for the weekend-long convention, a local news source, Portal de Angola reports.
At least 43 victims were rushed to the hospital. No deaths have, however, been recorded.

 A witness, Abraham Kituxi, told Portal de Angola that his sister-in-law was one of the first to collapse after telling him that she had smelled something foul.

More people began collapsing right after, creating chaos and panic at the venue.

Police and firefighters were called to the scene to assist in sending the victims to the hospital.
Meanwhile, three people have been arrested over the incident, with four others at large.

Police have not been able to identify the toxic substance but indicated that it was in containers of 750 thousand liters spread throughout the venue.


  1. For the sake of his name JEHOVAH he won’t let a single soul pass away.
    JEHOVAH provides escape, for the loyal, our enemies will see what a mighty crag he is. So with courage as servants of God we we give acclaim to Jehovah, OUR SOURCE OF ESCAPE.

  2. Just like Paul who persecuted the old Christian, Jehovah should help these wicked persons also to come and know his will, and appreciate his heavenly kingdom of his son Jesus Christ,
    his will is that all sort of people should come to have an accurate knowledge of him and they should be saved.

  3. May Jehovah sustain our brothers n sisters. Our love to all our brothers in Angola. We r with them in spirit n prayers. Even if the worst happens, we won’t give up as e convention urged us not to give up in e worship of our dear loving God Jehovah n preach e good news worldwide. May Jehovah forgive e perpetrators so that they come to hv e accurate knowledge that leads to everlasting life n come n join us to worship e only true God

  4. Are we surprised? No. We live in a time where natural affection is non existent for some people -Rom 1:30-31 and 2Tim 3:3. We obey the command to forgive freely. We will continue to love our neighbours by sharing the Good News of the Kingdom with them..,that’s everlasting life (John 17:3). Jehovah will act in His own time.

  5. To clarify : Jehovah can and does protect his people as a whole , but since we live in a world under Satan’s control , some faithful ones may lose their lives in any circumstance . Just recently , one of our sisters died in the terrorist attack in Finland while engaging in the ministry . Jehovah does watch over us , but it is our relationship with him that is protected , to the extent that , even if we should pass away , he will remember our faithful course and restore our lives in Paradise , where no more wickedness will exist . Satan will never wipe out Jehovah’s people and we will never suffer permanent harm . Psalms 37:9-11 , Malachi 3:16

  6. May Almighty Jehovah God de savior of life b with u during dis odeal he will cure, strengthen n protect u as always do fear them not those who kill de body but cannot destroy de soul he is grasping your hand do not b afraid satan will never win u r all in our prayers rapid recovery lol ❤️