Three children have drowned at Ahotor a suburb of the Atebubu township in the Brong Ahafo Region after a heavy downpour on Tuesday.

The three children all boys between the ages of four and six got drown in an uncovered pit dug for the construction of a building. The three are Solomon Danbgme 2, Michael Danbgme 6 and Joseph Danbgme 4.

Information available to The Finder has it that the three kids have followed their grandmother to a new site in the town where a member of the family had put up a new house but they did not meet their grandmother there and unfortunately fell into the pit which was filled with water after a heavy rain.

A teacher and an opinion leader in the community Wajah Wasei revealed that the entire Ahotor community has been thrown into a state of mourning.

Mr. Wasei noted that the family after scooping the sand to build his house did not refill the pit created but left it opened this he said caused the accident.

He said the kids were four but one survived because he run home to inform the parents about the incident.

He said the Atebubu Police came for the bodies of the children and gave it back to the family to bury. An effort to talk to the children was futile as the parents were not in the mood to talk.