The indefatigable flagbearer of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Madam Akua Donkor, has resurfaced in the wake of the death of Captain Maxwell Mahama.

Donkor turned up to the signing of the book of condolences for the late soldier, to add her signature to the list.

Of course, we can’t help wondering what she’s signing when it’s well known she’s unable to spell even her own name.

This is not the first time Akua Donkor has turned up at a signing – when the Montie 3 petition was being signed, she was once again on scene, posing with a pen!

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  1. Just because she is not educated don’t mean she can’t sign …. You ppl must control the way you mock some ppl in this country ….. When we are thinking be serious and stop fooling around @adom online ….. Saaaaa

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