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PHOTO: Wanlov abandons wrappers for suit


For once, Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, known in showbiz as Wanlov the Kubolor, wore suit and shoes.
This is unusual of the artist who for many years has put on wrappers and walks bare-footed. His outlandish lifestyle coupled with his controversial lyrical abilities put him in the league of his own.
Wanlov took patrons by surprise when he played the role of Mr. Engelmeyer in The Seamstress of St. Francis Street, over the weekend. In the play he wore suit and shoes – and this has gotten a lot of people talking after he posted the picture on social media.
The Seamstress of St. Francis Street is a stage play about 2 women who were raped by their uncle.
Wanlov In Suit
In the play which took place over the weekend at Terra Alta in Accra, Wanlov is an African American rep from Spanish fashion house, Balenciaga who tries to hoodwink local talents through unscrupulous means.
Wanlov has produced musical works like ‘Kokonsa, ‘No Borders,’ ‘African Gipsy,’ ‘Asem’ and ‘Veverita.’

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