A Mathematics teacher of Presbyterian Junior High School (JHS) in Wa in the Upper West region, has subjected his student to an inhumane treatment for making noise in class leaving the victim with sore knees attracting the fury of parents and officials of the Ghana Education Service(GES).

The victim is unable to walk properly because he was subjected to severe lashes and made to kneel in the scorching sun with hands raised for several hours by the teacher.

According to the form two student, his offense was that he tried closing a window to avoid the sun having direct conduct with his eyes as teaching and learning was in session but this did not go down well with the mathematics teacher who subjected him to this ordeal.

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“The mathematics teacher who was sitting outside called me out and made me go on his knees while crawling”, he revealed.

Continuing his account he said “It was this afternoon around 12 pm when I was closing a window by my desk because the sun was reflecting inside the classroom, Mr. Ahmed saw me from outside and called me out and said I was making noise and made me kneel down while crawling, he was also caning me at the same time. Some of my colleagues who were also captured as ‘talkatives’ in class were also made to do same, my cuts are a bit major than theirs but they also have bruises on their knees”

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The matter has been reported to the Municipal Police Command who have since invited the Headteacher and the Mathematics teacher for questioning.

Meanwhile, sources indicate that there is pressure on the parents of the victim to withdraw the case from the police station for an amicable settlement.

Headteacher of the school when reached declined further comment except to say the matter is being investigated by the Disciplinary Committee of the GES as well as the police.


  1. This Mr. Ahmed is not a ‘Teacher’! He is a Criminal and should be treated as such! Those days are gone when some So-Called teachers thought they were deities! Which part of his Teacher Training (if he is a trained teacher) gave him that idea that the pupil he is expected to nurture, educate, and raise for the Society could be subjected to this treatment? The Culture of “Ohh Ennye Hwee, Fa Ma, Nyame” is being abused by some criminals! This should not be allowed!

  2. U wright
    he is not a teacher
    He is a vicious animal
    He should be put to go through
    what these student s went through. to feel what they went through. and the ness

  3. It pains me that a colleague teacher has committed such an avoidable offense,as Africans as we are, we must try as much as possible to eliminate certain parts of our culture which make people abuse others as if they are not humans,am sorry for that teacher.

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