Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye, has always been bashed by fans and critics for one reason or the other and she is one ‘never-say-never’ lady who doesn’t give a hoot about negative comments or remarks made about her.

Last week, the daring actress was heavily tongue-lashed by some of her fans for posting a photo of herself wearing a see through leggings which revealed her under pants and big butts on her Instagram page.

Some fans condemned her for displaying such sensuality on social media while others mocked and accused her of using butt pads to deceive the public that she has big butts.

But the non-conformist actress was quick to correct the impression that she wears butt pads.

Firing back, she wrote, “How gullible can people be, or will I say funny? Differentiate the skin from the butt pad! It’s just a see-through leggings and my feet popping in that comfortable furry flip-flops.”

She insisted that what her critics thought were butt pads are actually her real butts.

She advised that critics look more closely next time before going ahead to conclude that she was wearing butt pads.