The inability of the Head Pastor of the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E) Zion Church, Anyinam district, Kwasi Awiakye to shelve his unbridled libido has landed him in trouble.
Reverend Kwasi Awiakye who was caught in the room of married woman literally naked in his attempt to sleep with her was on Wednesday night subjected to severe beatings by some youth of the area.
According to the facts of the matter, the woman in question had some problems with her husband, moved out of the house and was staying alone but was introduced to the pastor by a friend who claimed he could be of great help to the resolution of her marital problems.
Pastor Beaten
The pastor claimed the problems she was encountering in her relationship were spiritual and the only way she could overcome them was for he (the pastor) to bath her.
After the bath however, the pastor later proposed love to her, a development she found extremely difficult to comprehend considering the fact she was married.
It is gathered that the pastor kept pestering her until Wednesday night when she heard a knock on her door and opened only to be greeted by the same pastor.
She let him in and excused herself to call the husband but by the time she returned, the pastor had removed all his clothes and said he was ready for ‘action’ and then tried pouncing on his victim.
Screams of the woman attracted the youth who budged into the room to see the ‘Man of God’ trying to forcibly have sex with her. The angry youth seized him and gave him the beating of his life.
He was later sent to the Anyiman police station where a case has been lodged against him when the woman’s husband and a friend arrived at the scene.


  1. Am irked by the gullibility of many women in this age and time. There are too emotional and blindly spiritual in their quest to get their problems solved, therefore they act foolishly and stupidly. What is d sense in allowing a man who is not ur husband to bath u in the name of solving ur problems. Many nowadays pastors and so called men of God are fake and wolf in lion clothing. They failed in their different endeavours only to choose d Church to earn a living and satisfied their libido with d naive women. God never send or know them.