Phone-snatching thieves have been apprehended after their victim foiled their operations due to his bravery.

The thieves, who were on a motorbike, are said to have snatched the victim’s phone while he was stuck in traffic along a busy road.

Luck run out on their side when the traffic light switched to green shortly after they had snatched the mobile phone.

The rider of the car hit their motorbike, causing both robbers to fall off. They were quickly apprehended by eyewitnesses.

In a surprising turnout of events, one of the robbers, who was apprehended after a chase, denied knowing his accomplice who he was riding with.

After they were handed to the police patrol team, the eyewitnesses praised and shook the victim for his bravery.

Theft in traffic has been on the rise in Nigeria.

Barely a month ago, three celebrities and countless commuters have been robbed in traffic along the Lagos Highway.

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