The Pentecost University says it has geared up its loins to raise more problem-solving leaders in the country. 

This would be achieved with the newly introduced Certificate in Leadership and Counseling course in its curricular. 

Head of missions at the university, Apostle Dr Christine Tsekpoe explains “we look at prevailing problems in the society and we design solutions to those problems. One of the things we have seen is a leadership gap.

“Not that we don’t have leaders and not that people are not studying leadership.  But the kind of leadership that can bring transformation, make people ethically moral and male people do the right thing at the right time.”

According to him, the four months course will prepare participants to identify, occupy and effectively perform in any leadership role they create for themselves or are positioned in. 

With the added knowledge, the participants are also expected to be practical when acting as leaders in any field they find themselves.

According to Apostle Dr Tsekpoe, the University wants to see leaders who bring transformation.

“People are doing things the way they are doing it because of the way they have been led and thought. We think that we want leadership that can being leadership to yourself, your work and even lead from behind,” he said.

The counseling component of the course will hand to the participants, tools to among other, understand and assist the bereaved, the abused, people going life challenges, expectant mothers among others.

Apostle Dr Tsekpoe, however added that these courses will be taught using biblical principles.