Originator of the word, "Sco Pa Tu Manaa", Patapaa

Patapaa Amisty

In February 2019, Patapaa was featured in Kawoula Biov’s song ‘Daavi Neba.’

The song was, however, low-key until the release of the video to the track which made it gain internet fame.

One part of the song that has won more people over is Patapaa’s rap verse.

Though he spoke a lot of gibberish, one word that was heard clearly was ‘Skopatumana.’

Only Patapaa may understand what it means, but it is trending because people have taken to social media to post their versions of the verse. 

This uproar has created the ‘Skopatumana’ challenge on social media.

Source: myjoyonline.com


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