Musician and music producer Nacee has called for an end to what he describes as the show of hypocrisy towards musicians who sing about sex and love.

He noted that if pastors are able to talk and write about sex and love, why should people judge musicians who sing about same.

Some people in the Christian fraternity and gospel music have for some time criticised secular music, especially those on the subject of sex and love.

They have even gone ahead to describe such songs as sinful.

While the issue is still a subject for public debate, Nacee, born Nana Osei, says he does not see anything wrong with singing about sex and love.

The man behind several gospel hit songs including, ‘Afunumu Ba’ and ‘Ayeyi Dyom’ supported his argument with a biblical quotation.

“Bible says God is love. When we sing about love, you are already mentioning God…,” he noted in an interview on Behind the Fame, a segment on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill.

To him, the negative perception about songs on the subject of love and sex can only be changed through education.

“It’s all about education… we’ve been in so many churches talking about it. That it is not wrong [to sing about love] … what if I wrote a book about sex, would you accept that one? Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has a book about sex and I think Pastor Otabil has books about sex and love and stuffs like that so what about that one is it because that one is written so it’s okay for you to accept that one?” the producer quizzed.

Explaining why he wrote the ‘Me Ne Woa’ love song, Nacee explained that 60 percent of Ghana’s population can’t read or write. “So if we are trying to also communicate and also let other people get a part of what we are doing then I think I can also use another way to also touch other lives as well…”

As a famous musician and producer, Nacee revealed that he manages the numerous women who make advances at him very well.

To him, he hasn’t fallen for any of the women although several women constantly send him nude photos.

“When you do that I just block you,” he revealed.