Pastoral deception, perhaps, is an apt description of a failed relationship between a Salvation Army missionary and a beautician apprentice.
Missionary Sergeant, identified only as Frank got Adjoa Oforiwaa to live with him for three years, with promise of marriage, to enable him to head a church branch.
The woman who gave up her apprenticeship to go into such a deal is now accusing Frank of cheating and is demanding compensation for wasted time.
Adwoa told Nhyira FM’s Obra host, Mama Effe, Frank’s grandmother persuaded her to accompany him to Salvation Army Church branch at Asamang in the Ashanti Region.
She says the man has since failed to perform the marriage rites.
Adwoa says she discovered Frank was in amorous relationship with other women.
Her complaints to his family fell on deaf ears.
Adwoa says she left for her parent’s house where Frank followed her with her belongings purporting to end what they describes as ‘useless’ relationship.
Later, other relatives came to apologize and appeal to Adwoa to return, with assurance of compensation and performance of the marriage rites.
None of these promises have since been fulfilled.
Frank declines comment on the issue until he gets clearance from his church leadership, though he admits a relationship with Adjoa.


  1. Please, don’t speak in this manner. We agree that it wasn’t the right thing to do but you may not also have the full details of what really happened between the duo. This is one side of the matter.
    If there is anyone to query, then the pastor is. How could he stoop so low and disgrace God, the very supreme being he claims to serve by pastoring a church. I will advise that he is expelled from his duty as branch pastor and made to correct his ways.