Rockon-Nelson Dafeamekpor
Rockon-Nelson Dafeamekpor

Member of Parliament (MP) for South Dayi, Rockon-Nelson Dafeamekpor, has argued that a ‘Yes’ vote in the referendum will further deepen the already existing partisanship at the local level.

He said the country can’t even deal with the high level of partisanship at the national level, so why go ahead to make it worse by introducing it at the local level?

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“We (NDC) are for the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), but don’t introduce partisanship because as a country we are even unable to deal with partisanship at the national level, so why take it to the local level?” he questioned.

The legislator, speaking in an interview on Joy News’ AM Show on Wednesday, expressed worry over the consequential effects the acceptance of the referendum could bring at the local level.

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PNC National Chairman, Bernard Mornah

Supporting the concern raised by Mr Dafeamekpor, National Chairman of the People’s National Convention, Bernard Mornah, explained that Ghanaians want the election of MMDCEs but not on political basis.

“We want MMDCEs to be elected but not on political basis, it should be on individual basis,” he said.

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He added that a ‘Yes’ vote would make political parties restructure their organogram to include electoral area executives and unit committee executives, processes he said are expensive and will take a lot of time.