The maiden edition of the Parents Peer Support Forum (PPSF) was held on Saturday, April 1 at the Lizzy Sports Complex.

It’s a Non-Governmental Organization which aims at achieving confident and joyous parenting through knowledge acquisition from fellow parents and professionals in or related to the Child Care industry.

The event linked Parents present at the occasion to diverse Parenting materials, services, and products.

Guest speakers on the day included the Regional manager for learning time, Ketaki Shanker who touched on the topic, developing a 0-8 year reader. She feels children are precious assets and that parents must set the necessary habits especially reading to get the attentions of their kids on books in the early years of their lives.

Mr. Richard Akita, CEO of Launchpad also stretched on parenting 0-8 year child; Do’s and Don’ts. He emphasized the importance of learning best practices and applying them. Mr. Akita urged parents to celebrate the uniqueness and authenticity of their kid’s traits to get the best out of them. “All children are not the same so stop comparing one to the other,” he said. “If you do that you are not creating a great future for the child. Enjoy that authenticity, encourage them and allow them to be individuals because it is through their individuality they develop their independence.”

The NGO PPSF which was registered in February this year, will not be focusing on an event in a year but quarterly which is going to run through the year alongside other parenting forums and clinics that will be held for parents.

At the end of the day, PPSF wants the Parent to be in an encouraging environment while equipped to make better-informed decisions in child care, thereby accentuating the rewards of Parenting and making the challenges irrelevant.

Parenting can be very challenging. One thing that is also true is that Parenting can be extremely rewarding, so rewarding that you will look forward to always spending time with your child. Whether you achieve the good fruits of Parenting or not, depends on the decisions and actions you take at every stage of the Parental journey.

Source: Ghana/ Joy Sports/ Moses Yeboah