The Paramount Chief of Apesokubi Traditional Area, Okogyeaman Asiedu Koram II, has clarified falsehoods allegedly being spread by descendants of Akposso immigrants from Togo.

The immigrants have claimed to be the indigenous inhabitants and rightful landowners of the area, which they called “Akposso-kubi”.

However, the chief at a press conference which was heavily attended by residents, chiefs and elders at the International Press Centre here in Accra, has provided historical evidence and official records to prove that the Akans are the true inhabitants of Apesokubi, acquired through conquest and settlement over 300 years ago.

Okogyeaman Asiedu Koram II cited various records, including a 1905 German map, certified documents from the E.P. Church Headquarters, and proceedings from the Kabo River and Asukawkaw River Forest Reserves Enquiry.

These records show that Apesokubi and Akposso are separate areas, with Apesokubi being part of British Togoland/Ghana and Akposso part of French Togoland/Togo.

The paramount chief emphasized that the Akposso immigrants were received by the Akan indigenous citizens and distributed among families, accepting the Apesokubi Stool’s authority.

He warned of a treacherous project, the “Akposso Project”, aimed at extending the Akposso traditional state into Ghana, which could have dire consequences for the indigenous people.

Okogyeaman Asiedu Koram II called for peace and urged the Akpossos to accept the truth, stating, “Let us put aside our differences and live in harmony, as we have for centuries.”