The Ghana Education Service (GES) on Wednesday released the placements of 423,134 students who successfully made it under the 2018 Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS).

The release from the GES shows that 67,382 students who have qualified to SHS could not be placed under the system because they could not be matched with any of their school choices.

According to the release, over 400,000 will also begin the double track system introduced by the government to deal with infrastructure challenges.

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Double Track System

The double track system, which begins on September 11, the official reopening date for schools across the country, will see one group of students in school whiles others are on vacation.

The GES has directed first-year students to visit to access their placements.

It said candidates placed on the Green Track will resume on September 11, 2018, whereas the Gold Track will resume on November 8, 2018.

The GES further advised candidates who could not be placed to visit the CSSPS portal to choose from a number of available schools with vacanciThe government

ment has explained that the double-in-take is meant to cater for the spike in enrollment into Senior High Schools due to the free SHS policy.

Some 400 out of the 696 public Senior High Schools have been selected to operate the double system.

According to the list, the double intake will bring the total of newly proposed enrollment to 387, 592 students, with 193,796 as the total double intake per track.

Regional breakdown of schools

Ashanti Region                           –              79

Brong Ahafo Region                  –              41

Central Region                           –              45

Eastern Region                           –             60

Greater Accra Region                –             42

Northern Region                         –            33

Upper East Region                      –            18

Upper West Region                     –           19

Volta Region                                 –           30

Western Region                           –           35

GNAT urges postponement

Meanwhile, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is calling for an extension of the reopening date for Senior High Schools.

General Secretary of GNAT, David Ofori Akyeampong wants the government to consider a postponement proposal because it will give students and parents more time to prepare adequately.

According to him, the duration between the release of the results and school reopening is too short.

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He also noted that internet infrastructure in Ghana is poor and may not be able to contain the pressure being exerted on it when thousands of first-year students check their placement online.

“We should have over the years developed the internet infrastructure to make internet accessibility very easy.

“And since we faced the same problems the previous year in accessing the placement on the internet, we should have envisaged these problems and push the reopening a bit forward instead of reopening all on the 11th of this month”, the GNAT Secretary indicated.

He was speaking on Adom FM’s Current Affairs show, Burning Issues, Wednesday.


  1. Though governance is a continuous process, action or programmes of succeeding government may not be same. This guy’s criticism is misplaced as he said the internet infrastructure should have been improved long ago to avert the present situation. Who should have improved it long ago? The current government has ben in power barely two years? I want to tell this gentleman who dropped from heaven to Ghana that many programes start with their antecedent teething problems. Mass programs also have on going problems and all these problems get solved as the programs get going – especially for Ghana as we are with people like him at the helm of affairs.
    How long should the children wait? What preparations do you expect the parents to make; knowing long ago that their children will be going to school?`
    FREE S H S is EXCELLENT and must continue whether the children all qualify for university or not. At least the children will be more exposed than they are now. If you are a patriot, help government’s in its implementation with positive suggestions and NOT this ‘sink or swim’ stance!

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