Good day your excellency, am highly privileged to write to you and officially inform you about my worrying concerns (A SOCIAL CANKER) confronting our beloved country, Ghana. Before I continue, let me proudly say I was highly excited when you were sworn in as the president of the republic of Ghana. I must say, congratulations Mr. President.
Now, to the issue confronting our beloved country Ghana, It is just nothing but societal pressures, and I mean the negative forms of pressures. We have both positive  and negative forms. We have the primary, which is serving as entry point of children into the system and training. We have the secondary, the third forms and so forth. Pressure is part of human society and it started rightly, when Adam was created. Society can’t achieve anything without involvement of pressure. However, any human society which has the negative pressures outweighing the positive draws the country back in terms of human development, management and tapping of their resources, over reliance or heavily depending on other countries consistently for support. It makes the human brain work inefficiently, leading to the inefficiencies of the systems in our society. It becomes a factor for many unplanned born babies, corruption, derailment and killing of many talents in children, increase in crime rate, serious reason for committing suicides, mention them.
Your Excellency Mr President, society without problems will definitely not be a society, we must always look at it and see how best it can be reduced for the benefit of mankind. For the love for my country Ghana, I started the initiative over ten years ago though it was not as vibrant as today. They mounted pressure (primary pressure) on my sister to get married and give birth at the age of thirty five. Did society even ask my sister to study child behavior first, (in this modern era) for the purpose of unearthing the potentials of her children? (A BIG NO). She got married to someone she never loved, got divorced after the marriage, depression set in, she died. So many women have and still experience such ordeals.
Your Excellency Mr President, society started telling me the same thing when I started schooling and even working. Society have good reasons for exerting that pressure.On the other hand has it really helped as a nation? Nobody came from the moon or the ground, therefore if that primary source of the pressure exist, I believe what society needs now is to sit back and access the situation.
Mr President, I started creating the awareness of this unnecessary  pressures in my own small way just to catch the attention of the media and the general public. I was never given that opportunity. I wrote letters to various institutions, Ministry Of Gender, Marie Stopes International, UNICEF, Local Government, Ministry of Information, the Presidency, etc. The purpose was for the assistance to create the awareness as an NGO. This was done during the immediate past government. No support came. I started climbing heights with the Ghana Flag high all for attention. I finally had to play a prompted suicide at Kejetia market in Kumasi on the 26th of June 2015. The media rushed over together with the police. I was arrested and finally it became news not in Ghana, but the Global world. Today, I have covered all ten regions, in that strategic suicide attempt. I have voluntary regional representatives in each regions. My next step is a bigger campaign on the management aspects of the forms of pressures. I am drawing your attention, Mr President about what is happening in our dear country. So many Radio and TV stations have granted me interviews across the country. many have heard about my campaign and are applauding my efforts.
My ultimate dream Mr President, is to see this country totally reduced mentally form societal enslavement,  I can achieve this, only when am given the necessary logistics which the previous government never did. Fortunately, the country just celebrated her independent sixtieth anniversary . Ironically, there is complete mental enslavement by our own citizens, family, parents, friends and the entire society, which is not healthy for the development of our dear country Ghana.
Your excellency Mr President,It is my wish that you take keen interest in what am doing for mother Ghana, how best and soonest you can invite me over to your office for deliberation on the issue. Long live Ghana, God bless our motherland.
COPIED: His Excellency the Vice President, Dr. Alhaji Mahamadu Bawumia.
 The Speaker Of Parliament
 Honourable Minister, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.
 Minister For Interior.
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