John Mahama

The Minority Caucus in Parliament has asserted that, the intermittent power outage, commonly known as ‘dumsor,’ was effectively tackled by former President John Dramani Mahama before the end of his term. 

They argue that, Ghana had excess power capacity before Mahama’s administration exited power, leaving the nation with approximately 83% of its generational capacity.

This follows comments made by Energy Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, who blamed the dumsor phenomenon on the Mahama government, despite its recurrence during the Akufo-Addo administration. 

Speaking at the Government Assurances Committee meeting in Accra on Friday, May 3 the Minister said “dumsor, as inflicted on Ghanaians, has only happened as characterized by his excellency John Dramani Mahama’s governance.

“He is the only President on record that for four years that he reigned, for four years that he ruled, for four years that he governed, there was ‘dum dum dum.’ If the non-partisan colleague says that now it is worse, then I don’t know where his realities lie,” he stated.

However, the Ranking Member on the Government Assurances Committee, John Oti Bless, contended that, Mr. Mahama stands as the only Ghanaian President to have successfully addressed challenges in the power sector.

“Dumsor has been there since time immemorial. All the heads of state or presidents in the history of this country have suffered it. Even during President Kufuor’s era, they had to import generators from outside under Kofi Addah.

But President John Mahama was bold enough, humble enough, and took responsibility and said he was going to solve it. And he did solve it. Before President Mahama left office, we had excess capacity and our generation was about 83 percent. So let’s get that on record that President Mahama is the only president in the history of this country who solved dumsor,” he said.