Some parts of the country’s capital city Accra were flooded on Thursday night after a downpour which lasted for almost an hour.

The Olusegun Obasanjo Highway was flooded with most road users unable to ply the stretch.

Mallam Junction on the Accra-Cape Coast highway was also flooded though the road was slightly motorable.

Some people on social media are already annoyed and anxious of what lies ahead for the city as the rainy season looms closer.

What kinda city is Accra? Even if you drop a sachet of pure water, the place go flood.

Derrick_Okraku @Derrick_Okraku

Unless otherwise, tomorrow’s headlines;
1. Accra fails flood test again
2. Accra floods; 100s displaced in heavy downpour

Please be careful if you’re in Accra and around any of the areas affected by the rain … may blessings take you home.