A former Attorney General, Martin Amidu has lashed out at the Minister of Communications, Dr Edward Omane Boamah for accusing him of peddling falsehood in court in the case where he is seeking for leave to examine on oath Mr. Woyome as to his means and property to satisfy the GHC51.2million judgment debt. 

According to Mr Amidu, Edward Omane Boamah made the allegations in ignorance, without referring to the appropriate legal documents. 

He said, Dr Boamah in a recent interview said “Mr. Amidu lied when he claimed that the Attorney General’s firm was on the side of Mr. Woyome when in fact the firm was rather against Woyome.” 

Martin Amidu in a statement copied to citfmonline.com challenged Dr Omane Boamah’s allegation saying he “relied on the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court dated 29th July 2014 making two declarations against Woyome and Austro-Invest, the client of Lithur-Brew and Co in my arguments to the Court on 10th November 2016 and nobody should jump the gun by calling me “a big damn liar” and perjurer while the case is pending.” 

He said the Minister’s utterances and conduct confirms the Government’s impunity and abuse of power in acting unconstitutionally to control the content of even private media houses such as Multi TV/Joy FM where the minister made the allegations against him. 

“The drunken tantrums cowardly thrown by Omane Boamah shows the shallowness of his education, understanding, and lack of diligence and industry in researching matters he is to defend the Government on in public. Simple common sense would have informed the almighty Minister of Communications who sought to take over Multi TV/Joy FM to insult me that in arguing my case before the Supreme Court on 10th November 2016 I referred the Court to its own unanimous decision given in my favour on 29th July 2014,” he stated. 

The anti-corruption campaigner recently filed an application at the Supreme Court, praying it to allow him to examine businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, in the controversial GHC51 million judgment debt paid to him. Mr. Amidu’s action came after the Attorney General announced that it will no longer orally examine Mr. Woyome, despite serving an earlier notice it would do otherwise. .