The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the Auditor-General to immediately surcharge all state officials and entities who in diverse ways have misappropriated moneys belonging to the state.

The seven member panel presided over by the incoming Chief Justice, Madam Sophia Akuffo said it would make the reasons for the judgement on another date.

It would be recalled that Occupy Ghana a pressure group, in June last year went to the Court to seek an order to compel the Auditor-General to issue disallowances and surcharges in respect of all persons and entities found through its reports to have engaged in misappropriation of state funds.

There have been many revelations have emerged from the live telecast of the sittings of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.

The group said even though the law requires the Auditor-General to do so it has never ever done so to hold such persons and entities accountable over the years.