Rev Obofuor and his wife Bofowaa

The Founder of Anointed Palace Chapel, Francis Antwi, aka Rev. Obofour, claims his church members did not assault officials of the Tema West Municipal Assembly.

He said it was rather the assembly that sent about 23 heavily-built men to attack his members.

Reacting to last Wednesday’s fracas that ensued on the premises of his church in Tema, Rev. Obofour called the TWMA official “liars” and said they attacked three of his security men on the church premises without any justification.

He said in a 28-minute 17-second video on his YouTube channel that the allegations levelled against his church workers by the assembly were fabricated to cover their bad deeds at his church.

“I am stating on authority that no well-built men assaulted anyone at my church. The person who said well-built men assaulted someone at my church is a liar, and those who do not understand can send me anywhere they want,” he declared.

“I want the government to know that we did not take the law into our hands but they rather assaulted three security men at the church,” he added.

The APC founder said officials of the assembly as well as the Tema Development Corporation (TDC) were aware of the construction of the church and the officials had been inspecting progress of work from time to time.

“The government appointees and assembly officials often visit us here since we started building the church and they cannot say they are unaware,” he pointed out.

Rev. Obofour threatened to expose the assembly that gave him the go-ahead and is now turning around to claim he is doing it illegally, saying, “The building did not just appear at the place. If they push me, I will talk. If they want us to talk, we’ll talk. Push me and I will speak to the nation.”

“If it is a new appointee who has taken office and wants to introduce himself or herself to me, then it is a different thing all together, but if it is the same people who are in those offices then they cannot say they do not know anything about the construction of the church because about eight people from both TDC and the assembly are aware of the construction of the church,” he stressed.

“I will talk when you push me. Anyone who has collected money in connection with the construction of the building will have to vomit it when we get to the court,” he added.

Rev. Obofour denied receiving any subpoenas from the assembly in connection with the construction of the church building, pointing out that “it is not true if the assembly officials said they brought any letter to the church. We challenge them to mention the person who received the letters and when they brought the letters.”

He seized the opportunity to introduce three men whom he alleged were severely assaulted by the TWMA taskforce without any provocation.

On the so-called blood stains in the video, he stated that nobody bled during the commotion. Rather, he said the paint the taskforce personnel wanted to use to write on the building poured on the TWMA officials and some of his church members during the struggle.

Last Monday, there was news that Adwoa Amoako, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Tema West Assembly, escaped being physically attacked by some agitated members of APC.

The incident occurred near Tema Community 18 Roundabout at about 11:00am after the MCE and her officers had visited the premises of the church to inspect building permits and also collect property rates.