Olabisi Olaleye has denied the allegations

Olabisi Olaleye, a lecturer in the department of International Relations at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife has been allegedly nabbed in an audio recording by a student of the institution, Motunrayo Afolayan who accused him of threatening to fail her in his course for refusing to sleep with him. 

Afolayan was allegedly first failed in ‘Diplomacy’ IRS 305 which Olaleye teaches with a female lecturer identified as Omolara Akinyemi, during the 2017/2018 academic calendar while in Level 300.

Upon registering the course again during the 2018/2019 academic session, the student allegedly received repeated threats from the lecturer who allegedly said “she would fail again and again if she refuses to sleep with him.”

A senior member of the Business Administration faculty, who is familiar with the story, told Premium Times that Afolayan approached a lecturer in her department, Sunday Omotuyi for help on the case but he reportedly declined. 

The source said; 

“But Omotuyi declined to intervene. He said he had approached the same lecturer in 2014 on behalf of another student but Olaleye flared up and insulted him.

He even walked him out of his office. He said Omotuyi was too “junior” to talk to him on such matters. He even asked the student to go as far as the office of the vice-chancellor to report him.”

OAU student records lecturer threatening to fail her in a course over sex
Olabisi Olaleye has denied the allegations

Afolayan who held back an audio recording of Olaleye threatening her in order not to be subjected to public ridicule, was forced to play the recording of the lecturer saying in  Yoruba “I promise you would fail this course three times except you sleep with me”, after other lecturers demanded for proof. 

The source added; 

“So, she was in Olaleye’s office and just as predicted, Olaleye held her by the hand and began to fondle her. While he was carried away, the lady turned on the voice recording application on her phone and taped all his vulgar words including the threat.”

However after lecturers in her department couldn’t help out on the case, the distraught student approached lecturers in the faculty of law where a female lecturer advised her to report the matter to the university authorities.

Her result which showed that she passed the course was released after Olaleye allegedly heard that the matter has escalated. 

A panel headed by Yetunde Ajibade, provost of the university’s postgraduate college and the first female provost of the college, was constituted and they have already met with Mr Olaleye; Mr Omotuyi, whom the matter was first reported to; Kehinde Olayode, Head of Department, International Relations, among others.

Afolayan also appeared before the panel with other female students who corroborated her claim. 

OAU student records lecturer threatening to fail her in a course over sex

Though Olaleye denied the allegation verbally when interviewed by newsmen and in written response to a query he was served by the university’s authorities,  Ms Afolayan said she had been advised to keep sealed lips until the university makes its verdict public.

Olaleye reportedly said; “I didn’t know her until the timetable issue came up. 

“She approached me with two other ladies but I told them I could not help. I only advised them to go and write their 400 level course first, and return to join us in the hall for my course.”

On why Afolayan’s result was withheld for a long time, Olaleye blamed it all on his colleague who he claimed was sorting out her accreditation issue.

Asides being unable to recall when he got a job at the university, Olaleye reportedly couldn’t explain why he is yet to get his doctorate degree after enrolling for the program 13 years ago.

Source: Lindaikeji