Senior Staff midwife at Achimota Hospital Maame Akosua Owusua Asante has accused some pastors of discouraging their members from considering family planning as a way to preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Speaking on Adom FM’s reality show for pregnant women, ‘Nyinsen Ne Awuor’, with host Afia Amanquah Tamakloe, the midwife said they have constantly being turned away  from churches by some of these men of God anytime they tried organizing health talk with their congregants on the need to consider family planning.

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She  explained that the idea of family planning is not to stop couples from given birth but to help families to effectively space their children to positively impact on the growth and development of them and to also  prepare a woman adequately for her next pregnancy, without any health complications.

Maame Akosua Asante has also refuted claims by some women that the contraceptive implant as part of the family planning methods causes cancer and gives users infections, as well as causing infertility among users who have not yet conceived.

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“Some family planning methods may cause side effects such as headaches, irregular bleeding and mild abdominal pain among others but these are manageable and usually disappear with time and clients should regularly visit their doctors if the side effects continue for immediate assistance”. She added.

She however advised couples to embrace family planning and dispel the myth associated to it in other to have a healthy living.