Mothers who discover that their babies are either left-handed or right-handed before age two must send them to the hospital because it could be a sign of stroke or other serious problems.

This is according to Dr Hilda Boye, Paediatrician at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

Photo: Dr Hilda Boye

Mothers will be able to tell if babies are left-handed or right-handed from two years onwards. If you discover that your baby is left or right handed before age two you should send them to the hospital because it could be a sign of stroke or other serious conditions“, she warned.

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She also warned against allowing children to play with gadgets like phones, tablets and television for prolonged periods because they disturb their growth and prevents them from engaging in activities that help them exercise and interact with other people.

Caregivers should not switch on their Television sets or give their children phones or other gadgets to play with especially if they are below age two. This disturbs their development“, she advised.

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Dr Boye was speaking about the Developmental Milestones in children on Nyinsen Ne Awo) which airs on Adom Fm every Sunday between 8:00 and 9:00 PM.

She added that girls usually develop faster than boys; a situation which has no medical explanation for now.

She, however, cautioned mothers not to tag their children as lazy if they notice any abnormality or slowness in their development but to rather seek help from the hospital in such cases.