John Boadu

At the New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Annual Delegates Conference in Kumasi, the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu, was welcomed by thousands of grassroots and party faithful.

Despite numerous allegations by some few people, the grassroots threw massive support for the General Secretary, popularly known as ADWENK3SE3, to lead the party administration going into 2024 elections because they believe that 2024 elections will be a quiet tough election and hence needs experienced, expert, competent and dedicated patriots who have a track record when it comes to NPP administration.

Hence, they see no one better than Mr Boadu and therefore encouraged all NPP grassroots and party faithful to come together in unity to rally behind Mr Boadu to make the 2024 election victorious for the party.

Upon the arrival of Adwenk3se3 as he’s affectionately called by the grassroots, one could conspicuously envisage thunderous applause, also a spectacle of the tumultuous crowd; hurriedly clamouring to have a glimpse of the man they believe to be endowed with an unimaginable/ uniquely unquenchable desire to winning resounding victories for their beloved party NPP.

They said he’s a true champion, worth retaining to continue his good work for the party.

In fact, his presence brought about ear-piercing clamorous noise mainly from NPP loyalists/faithful.

Factually, the grassroots again asserted that John Adwenk3se3 Boadu will not only be remembered as second to none or a political administrator with champion mentality/ winner character, but a democratically elected General Secretary; of whom by dint of hard work; assiduously and graciously won double victories for his beloved party under excruciating/painstaking political environment.

Hence the need for his inevitable retention. They further claimed that where proven champions/winners characters dwell, competitions are forever regarded as perceptions, omissions, or worst-still try and errors. And that John Adwenk3se3 Boadu is best/ first amongst equals, needed to lead the party again to inevitably win what’s seemingly a crucial election come 2024.