Adom FM’s Morning Show host, Godsbrain Smart, also known as Captain Smart has denied rumours that he has quit working with the Multimedia Group.
Rumours that made rounds on social media and some blogs indicated that Captain Smart has stopped working with Ghana’s number one radio station and was heading to another station.
The wild rumours did not state the reasons behind the vibrant morning show host’s decision to leave Adom FM
Reacting to the rumour on his Facebook wall, Captain Smart indicated that he was still with the station.
“Have just read a news item sent to me by my PD Abu that I have left the Multimedia Group. I want to say it’s not true. I am and will still work for Adom FM,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.
The presenter told’s Kwaku Nti in a later interview that he was shocked at the wild rumours.
“I am shocked at the rumours, I don’t know who’s behind that but I am still a staff of the Multimedia Group and the morning show presented…,” he said.


  1. Captain Not Smart’s Central Medica Stores Fire Outbreak Brouhaha:
    If the Mahama government had a case against the persons Not Smart captain calls arsonists why did it re-assign them to other departments rather than prosecute them??
    To date no one has been sent to court, let alone been convicted so why did he repeatedly call names and referred to them as arsonists?
    The Nana Addo government has since Feb. 2017, hinted that it wants to conduct fresh investigations into the matter and so until then and when someone is charged, sent to a court of competent jurisdiction and convicted all should refrain in their own interest from libelous name calling.
    In the interim though, I strongly urge in the name of equity that, Not smart captain of FM radio, FM radio, Multi Media Group, et al. be immediately hauled to court by the injured persons in his video to pay compensation for tarnishing their hard won reputation.
    A GHC10 million libelous compensation payment per injured person in my view is the least they should go for and that you defendants should be held individually, jointly and severally liable.
    Not smart captain has for a long time been trampling on the rights of Ghanaians and as a test case, I urge that he and his employers are held to account for his jungle journalism!
    Are Not smart captain’s presentations subjected to any ethical and legal clearance before he videos or broadcasts them?
    Where in the civilised world does one see his type of crude, mudslinging, character assassination journalism and gets away with it?
    Am financially ready to support these injured persons to seek justice!