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Not all Chinese miners are illegal – Okyenhene


Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin has urged the Chinese government to advice its nationals in the country to abide by the rules and laws in the Ghana.
Speaking to the Chinese ambassador to Ghana and her entourage who paid a courtesy call on him at his residence in Kyebi, the head of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council stated that the country will do business with Chinese nationals who abide by the laws of the land.
He said “as you know Ghana is a great place to be but recently we have had some problems with some Chinese, I do not believe all the miners in Ghana who are Chinese are illegal, I believe there are some legal miners who are Chinese and those are the ones we want to entertain and do business with. Those of them who are illegal with their Ghanaian counterparts are the ones the president is fighting.”
Okyehene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin, who was impressed with the success story of Chinese government, said Ghana has a lot to learn from the Chinese.
He said “I am particularly impressed with what you have been doing, your country teaches that we can start small, take our time and dream big, we believe that we can also achieve that by studying and acquiring knowledge from your government on how to do good. We like to have Chinese impact on us, some of your high tech knowledge of trade, commitment to work, punctuality and discipline, I believe when we learn these things from you we will be alright.”
The Chinese ambassador, Sun Boahong, said that the Chinese government always encourage its residents abroaf to be law abiding and promised to tackle issue of Chinese nationals involved in illegal mining in Ghana.
She said “with the Chinese community here, the Chinese government has always encouraged them to be law abiding to respect and abide by rules and regulations in here. We will work out with the government over the illegal mining because I think is a very complicated issue in this country and both sides needs to do the control and improve the way of things.”
Donation to Okyeman 
The ambassador presented some items to Okyeman including 150 spraying machines, 150 pairs of Wellington boots, 200 cutlasses, 50 cargoes of rice, 40 cargoes of spaghetti, 30 cargoes of oil , 20 cargoes of sardines, 20 cargoes of Tuna chunks, 20 cargoes of corned beef, 2,020 pairs of shoes, 250 sets of school bags with stationary, 50 football’s , 200 pieces of blankets, 2400 pieces of underwear and 4,680 pairs of socks from China traders chamber of commerce in Ghana.

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