Former Asante Kotoko coach, David Duncan has said the normalization Committee will struggle to meet their deadline.

According to him, the committee does not have the full complement of the team that is supposed to help them execute their work to its logical conclusion.

According to Duncan, football is run by committees such as the Appeals and Disciplinary Committees and as such, urging that elections are held.

He noted that it will be difficult to kick start a legitimate league in the country without these bodies.

“As at now, there is a disagreement as to whether the Referees Association of Ghana is a competent body mandated for selection of referees for competitions in Ghana. With all these, I can’t foresee football taking place in Ghana, except otherwise all the committees and structures are put in place” he wondered.

The Normalization Committee’s mandate include running the GFA’s daily affairs with a special task force reviewing the GFA statutes to ensure compliance with the requirements of FIFA and CAF, and conducting elections of GFA executive committee on the basis of the revised GFA statutes.

The specified period of time during which the normalization committee shall perform its functions shall be no later than 31 March 2019; as directed by FIFA.

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