Former Chief Executive of Ejisu-Juabeng Municipal Assembly, Yamoah Afrifa Ponkoh said no party executive is sabotaging former President Mahama from contesting the NDC’s presidential primaries ahead of the 2020 December polls.

Earlier, there have been speculations about some NDC bigwigs are scheming to prevent Mr. Mahama from contesting the primaries.

This was after Kumasi-based popular serial caller, Appiah Stadium alleged that the Vice Chairperson of the NDC party Anita De-Soso and Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho have a grand agenda to ruin the political future of ex-President John Mahama.

But Mr Yamoah Ponkoh, in an interview on Neat FM rubbished the rumors saying that, since former President Mahama has not fully confirmed his political intentions, it will be very wrong to make assumptions since the right to contest cannot be taken away from him.

Elections, he opined are conducted in a democratic manner and executives vote to elect their presidential candidate, hence he believes the speculations cannot sabotage Mahama if he wants to step forward to contest in the 2020 December polls.

“I don’t believe someone don’t want Mahama to come back. As he said that he wants to come back? So why would someone think they don’t want him to come. I don’t want to preempt. Anyone who wants to come will be voted for. As simple as that. I will beg people to keep mute on the plots. I can’t put premium on that. If he wants to come back, who can stop him? …” he explained.

“In the party, we elect, if anyone wants to stand as a candidate we vote. I am not even thinking about that. The time isn’t up. I think they are more than 10 candidates I think. These are mere speculations. People will contest and Mahama is at liberty to that too. It can’t be taken from him…” he added.

Nevertheless, Mr Yamoah maintained that it is normal for the NDC party executives to lament on air about the cause of the Party’s defeat.

According to him, he believes the party will come out stronger and it is better they voice out the issues plainly now than latter when the party will be on full course to seize power from the incumbent NPP party.

“It is normal. Such a big party and this major loss will cause people to lament. It is normal with the talk. At the end of the day we will see the stronger NDC. It is good for them to talk plainly. It is better than to keep quite on the issues. It is good for us. When we get to the bridge we will know how to cross the river…” he said.

source: Ghana/ Kofi Adu