National Media Commission (NMC) has lashed out at the media for giving the EC less attention in the Ashanti Region.

NMC Executive Secretary, George Sarpong, believes electorates will better appreciate the electoral process if the EC is giving more opportunity to educate them.

He was speaking at a regional media monitoring report 2016 in Kumasi.

The report covered 44 radio stations, 8 TV stations between August to November 2016 in the Ashanti region.

The report seeks to promote free and responsible Media in Ghana.

Mr Sarpong said Ghana risks disenfranchising its citizenry as most of them are not aware of reforms and recommendation, after the 2012 election petition.

“Ultimately, how well the elections go, depend as much on how much space we give to the EC to how much space we give to political parties talk about the rules and the processes and the procedures governing the elections,” he said.

He again condemns the Media’s focus on politics with total disregard to the core needs of the people such as education and employment.

Gender and less coverage of other ethnic groups also formed a larger part of the discussion.

Mr Sarpong described the Ashanti Region as becoming culturally insular.