As a son of the divine land of Nkoranza, I have been monitoring the debate on the selection of the Capital city of the newly created Bono East Region with keen interest.

Having listened to the argument of all the claimants, I think Nkoranza is the divine choice. Though it is not out of place for people to express their sentiments with regards to which town becomes Bono East capital, I believe that people have to comment with all sincerity when making such comments.

Nkoranza may not have all the facilities Techiman has; it is more developed than all the Towns in the Atebubu enclave (Atebubu, Prang, Abease, Yeji, Amanten, Kwame Danso ,Kajeji) and also the overlord of the Kintampo land. Therefore she stands out as the divine choice.

A comprised town

Looking at the anger the people of Atebubu have for Techiman (saying Techiman used them to achieve their dream of becoming a Regional Capital), it will be desirable to have a compromise place – a place that the people from the Far East would be comfortable with. That place is Nkoranza

Commitment by the NDC government

The President is passionate about a nationalistic approach to issues of national interest. To that extent, the events leading to the referendum were all done in non-partisan manner. Wouldn’t it therefore be appropriate for the President to consult the former President John Dramani Mahama who earmarked Nkoranza as the Bono East capital?? This is known to everybody in Nkoranza.

One would assume that, the promise was as result of the wife – Mrs Lordina Mahama being a native of Nkoranza. Probably yes. Probably no. Whichever way, I would assume that President Mahama may have considered a lot of factors. Let’s not forget the fact that he ruled the country for eight years before President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo came to power.

Akufo-Addo has done only two years and therefore wouldn’t be privy to all the information that was available to former President Mahama.

Therefore going by the non-partisan approach to the whole project, it’s proper for some form of consultation to be done to appreciate Mahama’s thinking. It has to be Nkoranza.

The pivotal role of Manhyia in Ghana politics

I also believe that the choice for Nkoranza as capital for Bono East Region was not by chance but by divine intervention. Among all the traditional areas, Nkoranza is the only council that sits in Manhyia. I’m reliably informed that our leaders are petitioning the President through His Majesty – The Asantehene.

Otumfuo has become a national icon. His presence signifies peace and stability. Even recently, he has (to a large extent) singlehandedly managed to bring peace to Dagbon. Wouldn’t it be proper for the NPP government to honour such a national icon with another region? We in Nkoranza are proud of our heritage as the “First Son” of the Asantehene. His influence in the Ahafo Region has ensured that there is no wrangling in the search for a capital town. What he says is final. It is therefore only appropriate for the President to heed the call of the leaders of Nkoranza through His Majesty.

The highest ‘yes’ votes cast

Moreover, the Nkoranza Traditional Council is one of the biggest in the country. It covers the entire Nkoranza North and South; Kintampo North and South. The petition was written based on traditional areas and also paramouncies.

If the President is going to look at the traditional area that brought the highest YES VOTE in the referendum, then it’s Nkoranza.

Nkoranza North and South gave us 84,777 representing 18.92% of the total YES VOTES
Kintampo North and South gave us 77,724 representing 17.73% of the total YES VOTES.

Per the above analysis, the Nkoranza Traditional Area alone garnered 36.25% of the total YES VOTES which is higher than any of the Traditional areas within the Bono East enclave including Techiman which had 31.37% of the total Yes votes.

Divinity cannot be overruled by human (Techiman) sentiments. I believe the President Akufo-Addo will listen to the “voice of the Gods.”

Baffoe Richard
(Concerned Nkoranza Resident)

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  1. Very sad , u could not point out why do u think Nkoranza should be capital, full of traditional sentiments, such mindset cannot propagates and articulates ur agenda, more to the point,u made a very damming allegation that , the people of atebubu are furious with their Techiman counterparts for using them to achieve their agenda? Why must u fabricates such a blatant falsehood ,anyway the president is a level headed more discerning to make a choice that might be accepted by all and sundry. I expected u to give a facts and figures to buttress ur point , very sad and disgusting piece .

  2. I strongly believe this so called Baffoe Richard is not a native of Nkoranza. He wrote this fabricated story to tell the whole world to raise their anger on Nkoranzaman. I called this imposter personally and he confirmed that his article was based on rumours, I wonder why one can write and publish an article based on rumours just to tarnish the image of Nkoranzaman and also to create tension in Nkoranza .There is no where the ex president promised the people of Nkoranza that he will make Nkoranza the Bono East Capital and that Nana addo should consult him or whatever. I want to take this opportunity to tell this guy to retract this falsehood via the same medium he used in his own interest else Nananom will raise HEAVY curses on him spiritually. Truth always stands.


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