Nigerian singer Dammy Krane has reportedly been arrested in Miami, Florida for multiple credit card fraud.

The 25-year-old whose real name is Johnson-Hunga Oyindamola Emmanuel, was arrested on Friday, alongside another Nigerian identified simply as Chukwuebuka.

His details have since been published on

The charges levelled against Dammy Krane are: 3rd degree grand theft, credit card forgery and identity forgery.

A bond of $17,500 has been placed on his head.

Before this incident, the singer resided in Davido’s house in Atlanta and was pictured flying in a private jet in the past few days.

Dammy Krane charged to court, may serve jail term

Dammy Krane, has been charged to court on a 9-count charge, after he was arrested in Miami, United States for grand theft and credit card forgery.

It was gathered that the singer who tried to book a private jet on TapJets with a stolen card, is still in custody.

TapJets also confirmed that Krane has been charged to court.

A defense attorney named Deborah Prager, has been appointed to represent the Ligali crooner in court.

Under the prevalent Florida law, grand theft is a felony offense, with penalties that may include prison, probation, fines, restitution and a permanent criminal record.

The singer had on Saturday morning, posted some vague tweets which neither confirmed or refuted his arrest.

Dammy Krane reacts to his arrest in US

Dammy Krane, born Oyindamola Emmanuel, who was allegedly arrested in Miami, U.S for credit card fraud, has said that this is the time he will know his true friends.

In a post he shared via his twitter handle, @ENTERKRANER, the singer told his 215,000 followers that, “In weird situations like this, you go start to see, who is with you and who isn’t. No fake love.”

He added, “See ehn… Understanding is a three-edged sword. Your side, my side, and the truth. Make dem talk.

“This one, that one, rumor…One time for my fans, new material coming, I go talk everything. God got us, help me say amin o.”

Dammy is currently in jail pending when he meets his bail requirements.

The singer was reportedly arrested for card fraud, identity fraud and theft.

How we uncovered credit card fraud – Tapjets

Tapjets, the private jet service which Dammy Krane allegedly swindled​,​ has revealed how the said fraud was detected.

Dammy Krane had paid Tapjets with a stolen credit card for their service, leading to his arrest in Miami on Friday.

He was arrested alongside an accomplice, Chukwuebuka.

​Head of Flight Safety and Security for Tapjets, Mr Konstantin, ​said “He (Dammy Krane) uses Samsung Galaxy 7, and messages did not come from that phone.

​”​However, that same phone was used to place the online order with credit card that does not belong to him​.“​Same phone was used to register multiple accounts trying to buy with different cards until one finally worked. However, names did not match to zip codes etc.”

The company revealed that Dammy’s accomplice, Chukwuebuka also tried to purchase flight on another phone with yet another card.

“Total of five cards in an hour till one worked. We are 100 percent confident that our app was on that phone and order was placed via T-Mobile network from cell tower located in Miami area,” Konstantin continued.“We have coordinates of cell tower and proof that they took a car from that area to Opalacka airport. That’s where the arrest took place.”

​Tapjets said it is not proud about the incident, but it wants others to think twice before stealing from companies.

“Technology is very sophisticated and being an airline, we have access to the latest. I hope you can help in spreading the message that we are not on a witch hunt,” ​the official ​told Instablog.

Meanwhile, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has reacted to the arrest of Dammy Krane.