Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson’s comment on contemporary methods of obtaining hourglass figures has been trashed by some persons who could not relate to her way of thinking.

One of them is Nigerian reality star, Uriel, who did not just oppose Miss Nelson’s case, but schooled her on what she ‘failed to know’.

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Miss Nelson, in a tweet, suggested that no slimming tea or waist trainers have the potency of giving women their desired snatched waist, and as such they should not be deceived by companies or influencers.

She went on to say that except for genetics, surgery or conscious efforts in a gym, the race for a flat tummy is a never-ending and fruitless one.

Her comments traveled to the ears of Uriel, also a waist training influencer, after she was tagged by some of her customers.

She gave her two cents while educating Miss Nelson on the effectiveness of waist trainers, and how the action is a centuries-old technique.

Insisting her rebuttal is from a place of honesty rather than drama, Uriel said waist trainers do not only structure the body but help users maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She made reference to the era where newborn mothers strap their tummies with clothes to lose belly fat, educating that waist trainers are just a replacement for fabric.

“Waist training helps structure the body while you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are Africans, right? What happens after African women give birth? We bind/tie our stomach right? Now if that isn’t old-school waist training then I don’t know. So does waist training work? Look through my pictures I combine everything, Diet small small workout.
from a size 16 to now,” she said.

As a woman who has struggled with her weight previously, Uriel said the waist trainers uplift her physically and emotionally, as it gives her confidence in her body.

“.. when you put on a trainer and you can finally fit into a dress that feeling is gold!!! Work?? Let’s explore the Narrative of working?? Is it physical working or emotional?? Because it does both. I can testify that the slim tea from the brand I represent works. I won’t tag them before you say na Ad. But just look at my page. I didn’t do surgery so it must work,” she contributed to the ongoing debate.