A newlywed couple was killed in a horror crash two days after their wedding, authorities have said.

Jessiah Plemons, 31, and his new wife Lily Rose, 25, died on a highway on Sunday morning.

The couple had tied the knot on Friday, just two days before the tragedy, according to reports.

The third person who died in the crash was 23-year-old Madison Davis.

The incident happened as the victims were waiting outside their disabled pickup truck on Interstate 40 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Police said the trio was struck on the highway by a Chevrolet pick up after their own vehicle hit a guardrail.

The three people were pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver of the Chevrolet was rushed to hospital with injuries described as non-life-threatening.

Mr Plemons leaves behind two children, aged two and five, according to WATE.

It has also been reported that Mrs Rose had two children.

Jessiah Plemons and Lily Rose

The man’s mother, Michelle Plemons, said she was devastated after the tragedy, adding that her son had asked her to watch his children and that she did not have a chance to celebrate the wedding with the pair.

She told WATE: “Next thing you know, I get a knock on my door. And it’s just, it’s every mother’s nightmare. Every mother’s nightmare.

“Jess was my everything, the glue that held our family together. Lily made my baby happy up until the very end.”

She added: “She is just such a sweet girl. She brightened the room and they looked so happy together.

“It’s made me feel more and more alive, knowing Jess did a lot of great things out here before all this.”

Mrs Rose’s cousin, August McClelland, said: “I think that’s what made it harder, is the fact that she was the happiest she’d ever been and it got taken away from her.”

Two GoFundMe pages have been created by relatives and friends of Jessiah and Lily.

The causes of the crash remain under investigation.