The opposition National Democartic Party (NDP) has said it trusts that President Akufo Addo will do a tremendous work at expanding what it describes as a ‘skin tight’ economy to enhance the living conditions of Ghanaians.
“Our economy has been held as one that is a bit ‘skin tight’, a ‘skin tight’ fitting hampers means of mobility and so need expansion or loosening its fitness along seams. To do that will require the dexterity of an ‘Oyadieyie’ (seamstress). The NDP has confidence in his Exellency the President as that Oyadieyie who must quickly loose the ‘skin tight’ economy along visible and invisible seams. The NDP’s General Secretary Mohammed Frimpong said at the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Conference in Cape Coast on Saturday.
He noted that the impending Free SHS programme to be implemented in September is one of such seams, adding that many other such seams, however, remain along stinking corruption, shabby public service delivery etc, that need to be loosened much more ease of life for the Ghanaian people.
“The NPP can count on the support of the NDP in all the task of the ‘Oyadieyie’ in turning our ‘skin tight’ economy into a loose one that provides better space for ease of our people.”
The ruling New Patriotic Party’s 2017 Annual National Delegates Conference took place at the New Examination Centre of the University of Cape Coast, attended by over 5,000 delegates drawn across the country.
The conference considered some proposals for amendment aimed at consolidating the constitution of the party especially when it comes to their internal elections as well as overall running of the party.

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