A pressure group within the NDC, Young Democratic Forces, is pointing fingers at the General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketiah of allegedly masterminding the defeat of John Mahama in the 2016 elections.

According to the group, Mr Nketiah allegedly hid a “campaign strategy document for the 2016 General Election” from Mahama and his aides.

It is, therefore, calling on the delegates to vote out Mr Nketiah for Mr Koku Anyidoho to take over as the general secretary of the largest opposition party.

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Below is their full statement:

The Wickedness Of Mugabe Asiedu-Nketiah And How He Deliberately Orchestrated The Defeat Of NDC To Punish John Mahama For Supporting Farakhan To Contest For Position Of General Secretary At 2014 Kumasi Congress.

What John Mahama and his followers don’t know is that, Asiedu-Nketiah had always vowed to punish JM for not supporting him in 2014. It is trite knowledge that JM did not support Asiedu-Nketiah in 2014 and that is what led to the deep hatred of Asiedu-Nketiah for JM and his wife Lordina. Of course, JM and his wife later used lots of money to supposedly placate Asiedu-Nketiah but little did they know that Asiedu-Nketiah had vowed never to forgive them.

Asiedu-Nketiah had been secretly plotting the defeat of JM but he did not know. As part of Asiedu-Nketiah’s evil plot to ensure the defeat of JM, he tactfully ensured that he undermined the National Executives who would have rather been loyal to JM, and got them to be tagged as anti-Mahama. Everybody in the world knows how Koku Anyidoho was very loyal to President Atta-Mills and so the plot was to keep away from President Mahama because he transferred the same loyalty to him so that was how the scheme to tag Koku Anyidoho as anti-Mahama was hatched by evil Asiedu-Nketiah and a few Mahama loyalists who did not read through the evil agenda of Asiedu-Nketiah.

It is on record that the NDC sent a Team to Akuse to prepare a Campaign Strategy Document for the 2016 General Election and when the Report was completed, Asiedu-Nketiah hid it from JM and his aides.

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Asiedu-Nketiah was the Campaign Manager of the election but chose to hide the Strategy Document from the Flagbearer.

If the Document had not been hidden from the Flagbearer, he and his boys would not have messed up the way they did by toying with the elections via all kinds of unaccountable conducts such as the emergence of comical splinter groups which led to the disgraceful defeat of the NDC suffered in 2016.

Where was Asiedu-Nketiah when he was needed most as the General Secretary of the NDC to hold a press conference to give hope to the NDC when the NPP was virtually holding the NDC hostage just a few hours after the 2016 elections had ended? Was it not the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho who bravely stood in and held that historical “Comfortable Lead” Press conference to give hope to dying souls of the NDC? How can a responsible General desert his troops in the middle of a battle and think he has the moral right to lead an army into battle again? Did Asiedu-Nketiah not only emerge wearing a baseball cap backwards like Tupac having fun with his friends at a concert when JM was conceding defeat at his residence? Who can forget the beaming smile on the face of Asiedu-Nketiah when JM was conceding defeat?

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Obviously, he was happy that JM had lost the elections.

Since Asiedu-Nketiah has declared that he will be General Secretary of the NDC for life and so will not retire gracefully, he will surely leave in gargantuan disgrace after his evil nature is exposed and he is disgraced at the polls in November.

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