Ghanaian actor and entrepreneur, John Dumelo, has said his endorsement of the National Democratic Party (NDC) has cost him a lot of deals and victimization, but he will not be moved in anyway by it.

According to the actor, he has been threatened to death and had business deals cancelled all because he declared his support for President John Mahama but he still stands by his decision and will continue to support the good works of the Mahama-led government.

He took to his Facebook page on Tuesday and wrote:

“I have been insulted, threatened with death, accused wrongly, framed up and thrown at with stones. I have had endorsement deals canceled and business deals sabotaged. My crime; I support the Ndc. That’s my only crime.

“You insult me because I dream big, maybe you dream small. You insult me because I think Big, maybe you think too small. I’m glad I’m different and I’m glad millions of Ghanaians are different. Millions of Ghanaians are afraid to come out and say they support the Ndc because they fear victimization.

“I’m not afraid. I fear no one but the God i serve. You want to threaten me because I’m speaking on behalf of millions of voiceless Ghanaians who can see the good works of President John Mahama? Their voice is in their thumb and it will speak on Dec 7th for JDM…..NPP, dont let the election results surprise you. My name is John Dumelo and I’m voting for JDM. #toaso”