The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has lauded Ghanaian workers for their contribution towards national development.

According to the Commission, as the country celebrates Workers’ Day, it must recognise its heroes who have brought it this far.

In a press statement, the union commended workers for their commitment towards the fight against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country.

“As the ladder through which the economy of every nation grows, we are concerned about the harsh burden Covid-19 has placed on your shoulders.

“We doff our hats in recognition of those who went the extra mile to serve, even at the peril of their lives. The sacrifices you make in offering your service contribute significantly to the growth of our country in many respects. As workers of repute, it is our hope that workers’ welfare would be catered for, especially in these trying moments of the global pandemic,” the statement said.

The NCCE also extended its sympathy to workers who died in the line of duty as well as those who lost their jobs during the global pandemic a year ago.

It further added that: ”We appeal to you all not to let your guard down but to keep observing the Covid-19 safety measures in order to protect our valiant national workforce. God bless you all and bless our homeland Ghana.”

The Union raised the alarm on the unemployment rate in the country and pleaded with the government to take keen steps in addressing the situation.

“The Commission notes with concern the increasing unemployment rate among the youth and calls for concerted efforts to address this issue. This is especially so with the increasing crime rate amongst the youth and its attendant internal security threats,” it added.