The National Food Buffer Stock Company has revealed plans to export food reserves to neighbouring countries.

Following this announcement made by Chief Executive Officer of the Company Hanan Abdul Wahab, the trade is expected to take off with farmers have who been able to adequately supply produce to local consumers.

In the December 2019, the demand for local rice soared, causing a shortage of the commodity.

On the back of this development, farmers have been encouraged to increase their productivity to enable them to sell to other countries who have signed on to buy from the buffer stock Company.

Wahab added that no supplier is owed, disputing claims by some reports that some suppliers have threatened to withdraw their services over nonpayment.

“We have over six hundred suppliers that are supplying to beneficiary second cycle institutions under the free Senior High School. How can we owe suppliers? We don’t owe any suppliers since last year,” he stated categorically.

On the issue of monitoring products supplies to schools, Hanan noted the company will supply weighing skills to beneficiary schools to monitor quality and quantity of produce supplied.