An aspiring Deputy Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Chief Biney has claimed that the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, put forth an arrogant posture when he met the press at the Flagstaff House on Wednesday.
According to him, the posture of the President showed that he did not really think of the questions posed to him as important during the encounter.
“People had claimed that Nana Addo was arrogant and he indeed displayed that level of arrogance when he met the press…he just showed that he has indeed not repented from his arrogant past…,” he said.
The President on Wednesday met with some members of the press at the Flagstaff House to give an account of his first year in office.
As many as 27 questions ranging from politics to sports were posed to the President who responded to them.
There have been diverse reactions to the encounter with some blaming the media for posing irrelevant questions to the first gentleman of the land.
Commenting on this encounter on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen Programme on Wednesday, Chief Biney said the President after behaving like a ‘sheep’ to win power is now putting up his ‘wolf character’.
“The President behaved like a sheep during the campaign just to win sympathy votes, the statement of please give me your vote has now vanished and he is now displaying his arrogant past…,” he said.
Chief Biney added that he was the least shocked about this posture of the President because ‘after all, you can never hide your true character forever’.
He however commended some of the media personnel that were present at the event for posing ‘serious’ questions that demanded thinking.
The NDC Deputy Youth Organiser aspirant further tasked the presidency to allow the press more time the next they invite them to grill the President.
Source: Ghana / / KWAKU NTI


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  3. This is clearly an observation from a bitter opponent with jaundiced eye. Nana did not display arrogance. Unfortunately some people tend to confuse self confidence with arrogance. By the way, as the Akan proverb goes, no matter how intricatingly artistic a hen dances, it will never please the hawk