David Aja, singer of the hot ‘Onaapo song’ which served as the theme for National Democratic Congress’s campaign across the country in the just ended December 7 elections has confirmed that renowned gospel musician Nacee is the architect behind the viral song.

The song according to critics is one of the best songs released in 2016 ahead of the election but one question many have asked is who composed the song. As at now, the man behind the song, which has gained massive airplay on NDC campaign platforms isn’t known.

On the contrary, according to him, this is not the first time ghostwriters have been introduced in the country.

“People write songs for people here in Ghana, Nacee with all due respect is the sole writer, composer and the same person who used his studio to record the song.” He said during an interview with Adom News.

“Even if I were to compose it, there is no way Nacee won’t apply magical touches to the song. He’s a genius and always makes sure his songs are at its highest point. He’s always delivering precious outcomes…,” he added.

He further stated that, the song has provided him international platforms so far and it has been good as such he hopes and believes the song will be recognized at the next Ghana Music Awards Concert to incline him for an award, possibly ‘most popular song of the year’.

“Leave the money issue out. If I ventured in for money or not, it doesn’t really matter. They should leave me to enjoy my stardom for now. I just came back from Nigeria. People are really calling me for shows. I am glad. If they could they should include it to the Ghana Music Awards most popular song of the year…,” he wished.

“If any political party should be a major in the years to come and they need me, I could go in with them , I am just a singer and that’s my occupation.” He said.