Mzbel slams Abeiku Santana

A recent interview where Okomfo Black, son of legendary musician Mzbel, had in which he made clear his religious stance seems to be the beginning of his woes.

In a community where Christianity and Islam is the predominant religion, Okomfo Black and his family have begged to deviate, as they hold on firmly to their traditional and ancestral worship.

In a recent interview, Okomfo Black challenged the existence of the Almighty God, arguing that every being is a god hence no special recognition must be given to any supreme ruler.

His comments did not auger well with conservative Ghanaians, for which many parents of his schoolmates are taking steps to sideline him.

His other, Mzbel revealed this unfortunate situation in a latest post on Facebook.

A Facebook user opined that “after the spectacular and ear-catching interview of #okomfoblack, at his age and the in-depth knowledge he has about our ancestors, at school and his neighborhood, I know the African Ghanaian Christians will start advising their children never to make him their friend, but the good thing is that the gods and the ancestors got your back always champion.”

In response, Mzbel said the challenging situation is already happening to his son at school.

Though she did not elaborate the exact treatment meted to her son, she said some parents have strictly advised their children not to associate with Okomfo Black over fears he will dilute their Christian knowledge.

However, Mzbel said she is not negatively affected by the unfair move, rather, she is happy he understands his ancestral practices and beliefs.