Contrary to speculations that actress Princess Shyngles had traded her womb for a trimmer waist, the screen personality says her reproductive organ is intact.

Princess Shyngles, who is of Gambian descent, also rubbished claims she has undergone surgery to acquire her slender waist.

She attributed her spectacular body shape to the consistent use of waist trainers.

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Though she says she may try surgery after 3 children, she added the option will be at the discretion of her future husband.

“There is absolutely nothing more to this waist, I have always been a slim girl. I have always had a small waist, I only enhance it with waist trainers. I haven’t done anything yet maybe after I have given birth to my 3 kids probably I might do something if my husband is in support of it”. She told MzGee.

“Of course I have a womb. I am a woman for Christ sake. I am going give birth very soon” Princess Shyngles reiterated when MzGee asked if her womb was intact.

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